Hi Zhang, thx for your feedback, I fixed the typo in the picture of 6e4, it should indeed be project/configcode_build.yml. It executes the following steps (see also explanation in blog in step 6e):

  • Select Python 3.6 and install dependencies
  • Upload notebook to Databricks
  • Create model using Azure Databricks by running notebook. Add model to Azure Machine Learning service
  • Create a docker image from model that will be deployed in release step
  • Creation of build artifact that is used as input for release pipeline

There are two yml files in the project directory. The other yml file configcode_build_sec.yml is however used in my other blog and uses parameters as input, but executes the same steps as explained in 6e.

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Data Solution Architect @ Microsoft, working with Azure services as ADFv2, ADLSgen2, Azure DevOps, Databricks, Function Apps and SQL. Opinions here are mine.

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