Hi Zhang, sorry for this. Your problem occurs in step project/services/20_buildModelDatabricks.py in which a model is trained on Azure Databricks using a pipeline run. The error messages indicates that a run on Azure Databricks was started, but failed.

You can go to the Azure Databricks run to see what went wrong. Go to your Azure Databricks Workspace, select “Clusters” and then select the last run in the tab “Job Clusters”,e.g. job-xyz-run-1. From there you can open the notebook by clicking the button “Go To Job Run” and see cell per cell what went wrong in notebook 3_IncomeNotebookDevops.py.

Let me know.

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Data Solution Architect @ Microsoft, working with Azure services as ADFv2, ADLSgen2, Azure DevOps, Databricks, Function Apps and SQL. Opinions here are mine.

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